Duckie Rentals

If you prefer enjoying your trip down the river from a seated position, a duckie rental is your best bet. A duckie is an inflatable kayak, or IK that allows you to paddle right into the heart of the action. A favorite among beginners, renting a duckie is an excellent way to get a feel for what kayaking is all about.

Duckies come in one-person and two-person styles, so they allow you to enjoy a solo adventure or hit the river with a friend or loved one. Either way, duckies provide a sense of independence on the

Duckie Rental

Experience a new thrill with a duckie rental

river, even for inexperienced paddlers. Duckies are a fun and safe way to see the river and experience the thrill of paddling through whitewater on your own or with a companion.

Northwoods Adventures offer duckie rentals and all the gear needed to enjoy a trip down the river, including paddles, helmets and life jackets. Because duckies are stable and forgiving, they are a great way to experience an independent adventure during your trip to Michigan, while soaking in all that our whitewater has to offer. For those looking for a more independent experience than a guided rafting trip, renting a duckie from Northwoods Adventures is the way to go.

Rates – Includes all tax and user fees

Single Day 2-Day 3-Day One Week
$30 $55 $75 $110