SUP Yoga

If your current yoga routine is getting a bit boring, spice it up a little by trying SUP yoga. SUP, or  stand up paddleboard, yoga provides a fantastic workout, allows you to practice yoga while floating on the surface of the water, and finding a place to try it out for yourself is a lot easier than you may think. SUP yoga is just one of the many activities in Michigan offered by Northwoods Adventures.

SUP yoga combines stand up paddle surfing with yoga asanas, or poses. Yoga has been practiced in India and around the world for centuries, but combining yoga with surfing techniques is a more recent practice developed in Hawaii within the past hundred years.

Why Try SUP Yoga?

SUP yoga provides a more challenging workout than a traditional routine, but that’s just one of the many reasons why you should give it a try. Many yogis have found that it forces them to refine their technique. When you’re doing yoga on a paddleboard floating on the water, you have no choice but to be extremely tuned into your balance and breathing. While posing on a mat is pretty forgiving, being the slightest bit off balance while doing yoga on a paddleboard will lead to a spill in the water.

Doing yoga while floating is also a more calming experience than doing so on a solid surface. When you’re standing on a paddleboard, you have a unique perspective of both the water and the distant horizon, and SUP yoga can give you the empowering sensation of walking on water.

And don’t forget… doing yoga while standing on a paddleboard floating on the surface of the water is fun! While this might not seem like a huge benefit, the National Institute of Health reports that mixing up routines and keeping them fun is a good way to reduce boredom and decrease the risk of injury.

Our SUP Yoga Instructor

Our SUP Yoga Instructor

Our SUP Yoga Instructor Jenny

SUP Yoga InstructorWe offer SUP Yoga Instruction from Full Moon Rising.  Full Moon Rising is a wellness studio offering a variety of services geared toward the health and well-being of its clientele. There are two tiers within Full Moon Rising. The first is addressing the mind, body and spirit of the clients seeking health care. DeDecker offers quality Massage and Bodywork, including but not limited to Swedish, Deep Swedish, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Bodywork, neuromuscular repatterning, and Chakra balancing.  Also offered at Full Moon Rising, are meditation classes and workshops, Yoga instruction, and Bodywork instruction.


The second tier within Full Moon Rising is Natural Maternal Health Services, including Certified Lactation Counselling, Prenatal Massage, Pre-natal Yoga, Doula services and Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education. These services currently have limited or nonexistent access in the community.

Full Moon’s Mission Statement

Full Moon Rising’s mission is to offer individualized care to its clients and patrons, stemming from a place of compassion, allowing every person the chance to experience their healing path and strive to be of their highest potential, utilizing a variety of healing arts.

SUP Yoga at Northwoods Adventures

Begin your SUP yoga adventure right here at Northwoods Adventures. With classes for both intermediate and advanced yogis and paddleboarders, our staff can yeah you how to enjoy all the benefits of yoga in a brand new way. To book, call (906) 563-5450 today.